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From painting a nationally registered 911 memorial — the Old Glory mural on the Marquis Theatre — to slumming the Detroit art scene covering the walls of its ultra-lounges and industrial corporations with paintings back in the day, art and design is what I've been doing.


Detroit 's where I'm from. I've been making art since I was a kid and got my first commissions  selling painted  jackets at local stores like the renown T's-n-Things in high school. Largely self-taught, my first big-gigs were doing commercial mural work most notably for the the Illitches and their sports/pizza empire (Little Ceasar's, Tigers, Red Wings, etc.). I later added formal design and digital illustration skills, earning my B.F.A. at College for Creative Studies.


Over the years my painted work has been featured in magazines such as Strut, Hour, Metro Times and Art Showcase, installed in commercial venues from Marriott and Hyatt Regency hotels to GM’s world headquarters, and exhibited in galleries like MOCAD and other really fun underground shows and venues.


My concept design and illustration work  has been published in comics including Staunch Ambition and Hyper Action and gaming properties like Zorro: Shadow of Vengeance, Lady Death, and Battlechest Arena Unearthed.


Outside of pencils and paint I meddle in interactive, experience and game design for corporations like MGM, United Health Care and ProQuest. Not-so finally I teach at The College for Creative Studies sometimes and I never miss exhibiting at a MotorCity Comic Con.


If you have an idea or project and dig my work or have any questions just get in touch in the boxes below or e-mail me




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